Wednesday, April 13, 2011


          Crime is very dangerous and harmful for everyone. It’s can happen anywhere. Some people have selfish attitude in themselves and being selfish. In this context, selfish refers to the feeling of being inconsiderate and think mainly for one’s self pleasure or interest. So, it is agreed that people commit crime for selfish reasons. There are three reasons why being selfish is the cause for people to commit crime.

         First, a person is influenced by jealousy of what the person is there. This is because,  a new and quite beautiful in the eyes will attract jealousy. For example, in the younger - his own brother, there is a new toy bought by their mother, but one of them can. Certainly the feeling of jealousy by the other would cause strife.
The nature   of envy when inheritance. This is because, maybe some of them are  not satisfied with the results of the division of property. For example, the first to get more than his brother. So many parts of the brothers wanted more than his brother. This can also lead to crime.

The subsequent  retaliation  against  any person not satisfied that the person is. This happens because due to dissatisfaction and selfish. So, revenge is satisfied to do crime.

Based on the point given, I strongly agree that being selfish is the main reason why people commit crime.

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